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Cyst on the Forehead

A cyst on the forehead signifies that something is not right in your body. It is a sign of infection. It is a sac-like structure and its size varies. Large cyst can be a source of embarrassment.

A cyst can be filled with liquid, gaseous, and semi-solid material. It looks like a small pea underneath the skin surface. At a glance, it looks like a pimple, but cyst is rooted deep in the skin. (1)

Causes of cyst on the forehead

The cyst on forehead causes vary. Some of the common causes include the following:
  • Sebaceous cyst – It is caused by a swollen hair follicle. It starts from the sebaceous gland, the moved to the surface of the skin, move deeper and multiple causing the formation of cyst.
  • Basal cell nevus – It is a genetic condition affecting various parts of the body, including the skin, bones, nervous and endocrine system. In the United States, the basal cell nevus or also known as Gorlin Syndrome or NBCCS (Nevoid Basal Cell Carcinoma Syndrome) is the most common type of skin cancer. (1, 2)
  • Gardner’s syndrome – It is a genetic condition common in people with APC gene defect. It affects the growth of cells, especially cell division which leads to abnormal growth of tissues. It is characterized by cyst under the skin in various parts of the body including hard cyst on forehead, multiple growth in the colon, and colon cancer. (3)
  • Milia – It is a small white bump commonly found on the face, especially on the cheeks, nose, lips, and forehead. It occurs when the keratin is trapped beneath the skin’s surface. Milia is common in babies, especially newborns and goes away on its own. However, milia in adults is linked with excessive use of steroid, burns, sun damage, and blisters from injury.
  • Surgical wound - Cyst on forehead under skin can be caused by cuts and incisions in the skin. It could be secondary to surgical procedure or skin opening caused by draining of pus from skin lump.
  • Acne Vulgaris – It is a severe form of pimple. It is a long term skin infection common in people aged 12 to 25. The prevalence is higher in adolescents. A severe form of acne could lead to the development of acne cyst on forehead and other parts of the body. (2, 3,4)

Image 1 : A flesh colored cyst on the upper part of the forehead
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 Picture 2 : A cyst on the forehead filled with pus
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Cyst on Forehead Treatment

Topical ointment

 A skin ointment or cream can hasten the healing process. It contains benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid, which help in reducing the infection. (4)

Corticosteroid Injections

 If the cyst is inflamed, one of the best remedies is corticosteroid injection. Corticosteroid is a potent anti-inflammatory medication, but it does have side effects. It could lead to shrinking of soft tissues and loss of skin color. (5)

Incision and Drainage

 Cysts are filled with fluid. One of the approaches used by medical professionals is draining the cyst. The doctor punctures the cyst and remove the content of the cyst. It does have a downside though. There is no guarantee that the cyst won’t recur anymore. To prevent secondary infection, the doctor will thoroughly clean the wound. (6)

Cyst on Forehead  : Home Remedies

  • Cold Compress - A lump on the skin secondary to injury usually heals on its own. To ease the pain and discomfort, you should apply an ice pack and keep the affected part elevated. Cold temperature helps constrict the blood vessels, which helps in alleviating swelling and inflammation. (6)
  • Hot Fomentation – It should be applied on the forehead after 24 hours of cold compress. It should be applied for at least a few minutes. The purpose of hot fomentation is to improve the circulation of blood and hasten healing.
  • Steam – Boil water and transfer in a basin. While the steam is evaporating, you should place your face directly on the steam. The temperature of the steam opens the pores, which aids in draining the cyst naturally. A hot shower or a steam bath also help in removing the cyst naturally. (7)
  • Hydration – You should drink plenty of water to help flush out the toxins from the body. Aside from water, you also need to increase your intake of natural fruit juices.
  • Tea Tree Oil – This essential oil has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory property. Apply a liberal amount of tea tree oil on the cyst to prevent infection. You can also mix tea tree oil and carrier oil and apply on the cyst three times a day. (7, 8)

Cyst on Forehead Removal Cost

The cost of removing cyst on the forehead varies from one doctor to another. There are a few considerations too such as the size and nature of the cyst. Large cysts cost more, especially if the cyst is infected. The cost ranges from $500 to $1,000. The cost is also affected by geographic location. If there are a lot of surgeons in the area, the cost fluctuates because there are a lot of competitors.

On the other hand, if only a few surgeons are there, the cost is quite high. Cyst removal is typically performed in the doctor’s clinic. Many surgeons accept insurance, but they only accept a certain amount. With every surgical procedure, there is a corresponding insurance code. The code varies depending on the size and position of the cyst. (9)

When a cyst on the forehead becomes alarming?

  • Cyst on the forehead usually resolves on its own. There is really nothing to worry about. However, there are warning signs you should be aware of. Once you notice any of the following warning signs, then you have to contact a doctor right away:
  • If there is a serious wound in the cyst area
  • A clear fluid or blood is coming out of the ears, nose, and mouth
  • If you feel unconscious for a couple of hours
  • You are experiencing visual disturbances
  • Complaining of severe headache
  • The pupils are unequal in size
  • The speech is slurred
  • You are having problems with balance and coordination (9, 10)