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How to get rid of bruises?

How to get rid of bruises?

Some parts of the body are prone to bruising such as the shins because they have less cushion. A body lacking of vitamins, especially vitamins C and K are prone to bruising too. The color of the skin also has something to do with bruising. Those who have more transparent skin are prone to bruising because the blood underneath the surface of the skin is obvious.

A bruise is medically known as contusion. It is a result of skin injury that affects the tiny blood vessels underneath the skin’s surface. The blood from the damaged capillaries form near the surface of the skin thereby forming a bruise or contusion. The bruise varies in color and size and does come with a certain degree of pain. Big bruises are painful and sensitive to touch. (1, 2)

How does a bruise look like?

A bruise starts as a deep red-purple and over time will eventually turn into something yellow green. The color will then change into golden brown until such time that the bruise disappears. A bruise occurs if you injure yourself leading to skin inflammation and discoloration.

A bruise mark is a result of a trapped blood underneath the surface of the skin. Some bruises disappear in a few days while others take a few weeks to even months, depending on the severity and location of the bruise. (3)

Image 1 : A person with severe bruising
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Figure 2 : A bruise with a purplish to reddish discoloration
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Different types of bruises

A bruise can be categorized into three: light, moderate, and basic. Light bruise is the easiest to heal. The other two types require in depth care and attention. They too can cause a few intricacies.

The typical bruise takes about a week to completely heal, but serious bruises do need months to be completely healed. Some even require help from a skin doctor. (3)

What are the causes of bruise?

  • Blunt trauma to the skin – This is the most common cause of bruising. Imagine falling and hitting the ground real hard. After a day, you will just notice bruising on your skin, especially on the skin that directly hits the ground.
  • Vigorous exercise – if you are going to put your muscles under stress during exercise, a series of tiny tears will appear, which could lead to the formation of bruises.
  • Unexplained cause - Some bruises appear for no reasons at all. It could be caused by ageing or probably a side effect of a particular medication. If you have a bleeding disorder, then you are prone to bruising and bleeding gums.
  • Vitamin deficiency - A person with vitamin C deficiency is a high risk of having bruises.
  • Hereditary – Sometimes, having a contusion easily runs in the family. (4, 5)

How to get rid of bruises?

There are many different ways to get rid of bruises. Some require the use of topical cream that can be easily purchased over the counter while others can be found right in the comfort of your own home.

Below are the recommended ways to remove bruises the soonest possible time.

Moisturizing bruise formula cream 

There are various brands of moisturizing bruise formula cream available in the market today. They can be purchased over the counter. You can use the cream on a day to day basis, especially if you are prone to bruising.

Ingesting essential vitamins like vitamin C and K 

If you are prone to bruising, you can somehow lessen the appearance of bruise by supplementing your body with vitamin C and K.

Ice pack/cold compress 

The bruise will gradually fade away if you apply cold compress into it. It helps cool the blood vessels as well as the surrounding areas. Do not apply the ice directly to the bruise. Make sure you wrap the ice in a towel before applying to the bruise and leave it there for a few minutes. Applying ice directly on the skin can lead to ice burns, which damages the skin. (5, 6)

Reducing blood flow by gravity 

This method revolves around reducing the flow of blood to the skin, which helps reduce the bruise and pain too.

Massage the bruise and the surrounding areas using essential oil 

Bruises tend to vanish away after a good massage using essential oil. The massaging motion separates the blood coagulation by enhancing the flow of blood. Essential oils have calming and mending properties. They help fortify the capillary dividers.

Over time, it will reduce not just the bruising, but the swelling and pain too. Some essential oils great for massage include lavender, rosemary oil, and lemon grass oil.

Reducing heat in the affected part of the body

After applying ice pack, the next thing to do is to apply warm compress to increase the flow of blood in the bruised part thereby promoting healing. (7)

Rest the bruised part of the body

Blood flow should be permitted to promote healing, but make sure that the affected area will be kept to rest for a day or two. This is to prevent further bruising and facilitate healing.

Add parsley leaves to your meal

The leaves of parsley add vibrant taste to any food. Parsley leaves are rich in vitamin C and K, which promote healing. The leaves help decrease pain and inflammation and strengthens the capillaries. You can also cut the parsley leaves and spread over the bruised part of the body. Leave it there to allow the nutrients to absorb through the skin. (8, 9)


This herb is known for its ability to relieve pain and treat a variety of injuries including bruises and sprains. It has the ability to reduce inflammation. Apply arnica directly to the affected part and let its nutrients be absorbed in the skin.

Aloe Vera

This plant is known for its healing and soothing properties. Hence, it is a great remedy for treating bruises and inflammation of the skin. It also helps reduce swelling and hastens the healing process. Squeeze an aloe vera to extract the juice and apply directly on the affected area of the body. Leave it there for at least 15 to 30 minutes until the gel is absorbed through the skin.


Pineapple juice or eating the pineapple meat has a miraculous effect on your bruise. It hastens the healing of contusion. The healing property is because of the enzyme bromelain, which is known for its anti-inflammatory effect. It has the ability to sooth irritated skin and disperses blood clots that formed around the bruised area. (10)